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We are a leading company of IV solutions in Japan. Our history is the very history of the development of Japanese IV products. We are committed to being the best partner of patients and healthcare professionals in the field of clinical nutrition.

Note: All products in this table below are sold by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory and other Otsuka Group companies. Generally, product names are those currently used. Product photos are generally those at the time of launch.

Artcereb irrigation and perfusion solution for cerebrospinal surgery launched
Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. established
Urepearl Plus Lotion 10 launched - a product for treating dry skin with improved formulation, effect and use sensation
Innerpower, beverage (jelly), launched
Elneopa No. 1/No. 2 Injection launched - a TPN formulation containing glucose, electrolytes, amino acids, multiple vitamins, and trace elements
Hine Jelly Aqua launched - a concentrated liquid diet with added water
Bicanate Injection launched - a bicarbonated Ringer's solution
Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2011 Sodium Phosphate Corrective Injection 0.5mmol/mL launched - a potassium-free phosphate corrective solution
Racol-NF Liquid for Enteral Use, a low residual diet preparation (for feeding tube and oral administration), and Twinline-NF Liquid for Enteral Use, an elemental diet preparation, launched
Diatranz Otsuka Limited established in New Zealand
Voluven 6% Solution for Infusion launched - a plasma substitute
Capital participation in Claris Otsuka Private Limited (Changed company name to Otsuka Pharmaceutical India Co., Ltd. in March 2017)
2014 Engelead approved as a food for special dietary use, food for persons who have difficulty swallowing
Hine E-Gel launched - a concentrated liquid diet that changes state from liquid to gel form in reaction with stomach acids
Povidone Iodine Solution 10% Antiseptic Applicator Otsuka 10 mL/25 mL launched - an applicator-type topical antiseptic
Racol-NF Semisolid for Enteral Use launched - an enteral nutrient solution
Shinichi Ogasawara appointed President
Processlead launched - a chew and swallow managing food that takes into account physical properties after chewing
Olanedine Antiseptic Solution 1.5% (200 mL) and Olanedine Solution 1.5% Antiseptic Applicator 10 mL/25 mL launched - an external-use antiseptic
Lilium α-200 launched - an ultrasound bladder imaging device
Elneopa-NF No.1/No.2 Injection launched - a TPN formulation containing glucose, electrolytes, amino acids, multiple vitamins, and trace elements
Rebamipide tablets 100mg Otsuka launched - an anti-gastritis and anti-gastric ulcer agent