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Message from the President

To Be the Best Partner in Clinical Nutrition

Business operations in the Otsuka Group are based on the corporate philosophy “Otsuka₋people creating new products for better health worldwide.” Our aim is to contribute to more healthy lives of people worldwide by providing innovative and creative products including pharmaceuticals and functional foods and beverages. Within the Otsuka Group, the management vision of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory is to be “The Best Partner in Clinical Nutrition.” We pursue business activities in a manner that meets the trust invested in us by all of our stakeholders, including patients and their families as well as the healthcare professionals who treat them.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory is the original company—founded in 1921 as Otsuka Seiyaku Kogyobu (Otsuka Pharmaceutical)—from which the Otsuka Group has grown. For more than 70 years we have been developing intravenous (IV) solutions and, as a leading infusion company, have steered their development in Japan. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's June 2013 report, Vision for the Pharmaceutical Industry 2013, IV solutions were defined as basic drugs (a drug with high clinical necessity whose manufacturing and sale will continue to be required without interruption). So, naturally, we need to maintain high quality and stable supply as a manufacturer of basic drugs.
“Quality is vital in a factory and so is packaging. We have to manufacture and market, putting ourselves in the consumer's position.” These words from the founder Busaburo Otsuka demonstrate a priority focus on quality in manufacturing. Keeping his philosophy in mind, we pledge to consistently deliver safe, high-quality products to patients and healthcare professionals with a strong sense of mission.

We also take advantage of our high level of container technology established in the development of IV solutions to perform contract manufacturing. We will continue to take on new challenges in both Japan and international markets, with a focus on Asia, to deliver high-quality drugs, medical devices, and medical foods.

To expand business globally requires us to hire talented individuals and train them well. In our company we actively hire and train individuals from different nations and cultures who can be active on the global stage, based on a fundamental respect for diversity. We foster their talents so that they can contribute to medical treatment around the world.

We are committed to working together in this company to maintain our value in society and contribute to the health of people around the world as a leading company of IV solutions as we develop and consistently supply innovative products while continuing to ensure their complete safety and high quality. We look forward to your continued support in these endeavors.

Shinichi Ogasawara
President and Representative Director