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We are a leading company of IV solutions in Japan. Our history is the very history of the development of Japanese IV products. We are committed to being the best partner of patients and healthcare professionals in the field of clinical nutrition.

Note: All products in this table below are sold by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory and other Otsuka Group companies. Generally, product names are those currently used. Product photos are generally those at the time of launch.

Busaburo Otsuka founds Otsuka Seiyaku Kogyobu (Otsuka Pharmaceutical)
Production of magnesium carbonate (listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia) from the bittern called “Nigari” begun
Production of potassium bromide (listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia) begun and a series of new IV solution products decided to start
1940 Otsuka Pharmaceutical renamed Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory
1946 Licenses obtained to manufacture the following injection solutions: calcium chloride injection, Ringer’s solution, etc.
Production of pharmaceutical products including various intravenous solutions begun
1947 Masahito Otsuka succeeds Busaburo Otsuka as company owner
License obtained to manufacture the glucose injection
MEYLON Injection launched—a 7% sodium bicarbonate IV injection
Glass vial for IV solutions launched
Hydrazide Otsuka launched - an antitubercular drug
Oronine Ointment launched - Otsuka Group's first over-the-counter product
Saralin Tablets launched - a laxative product
1960 Amino acid supplements for nutritional deficiencies launched: PAN-AMIN, an essential amino acid injection, and PAN-AMIN S, a hypertonic injection of essential amino acids
KN solution series (electrolyte solution) launched
1964 LOW MOLECULAR DEXTRAN D INJECTION launched—a circulatory improvement and extracorporeal perfusion solution
Lactec Injection launched - an electrolyte solution (lactated Ringer's solution)
Production of Japan's first plastic bottle for IV solutions begun
1969 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory becomes Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc.
Masahito Otsuka appointed President
Oronine H Ointment launched - a product for treating minor skin conditions and injuries, containing chlorhexidine gluconate, which has excellent antiseptic properties
1973 P.T. Widatra Bhakti established in Indonesia
MARTOS Injection 10% launched—a disaccharide IV injection
Japan’s first injection solution in plastic ampule launched